Why 97 percent of mlm’ers and network marketers will fail to get rich

“Are you trying to get rich online in the mlm and network marketing game? If so you’re playing on the wrong team and it’s designed for you to lose all your money and never get rich”

Everyone knows only 3-5% of people actually make a living in network marketing and mlm and even less will truly get rich. This type of business has impossible odds of helping everyone make much money to get rich for a few reasons. The first reason is this system of network marketing and mlm relies on every individual to become a master marketer. The problem with that is everyone simply does not have this skill and it takes much longer than 30 days to acquire such a skill. At that point you have paid for the first month of membership or paid for materials and supplies.

Basically you have paid for the program before you have mastered the skill required to succeed at it. You walk into a situation where you are already at a negative cash flow and the possibility to get rich quick is already a grim hope. This is like starting a job that you have no idea or the skills on how to operate and be successful. It just doesn’t make any sense and this is just the beginning because marketing requires the skill to persuade and this alone requires great study.

“To get rich quick and easy online is a dream that everyone has and yet only a few will achieve with any mlm or  network marketing company and the odds will always be against you”

Lets be honest and address the new form of getting new sponsors into your downline called “attraction marketing” your pursuit to get rich. Simply put everyone is not ready and prepared to take photos of them selves, do tons of videos, host meetings, go to meeting, write tons of articles, post ads, pay for ads, do webinars and podcasts and the list goes on and on. You seriously can’t expect for everyone to be capable of doing this and being a person in management in the corporate world for some of the largest fortune 500 companies we learned there is a reason why companies have turnover.

This turnover is just like attrition in mlm and network marketing companies and simply stated “turnover is a loss of employees for any reason and hiring new employees to replace them”. Attrition works the same way when you are trying to get rich in mlm and network marketing but the attrition rate is extremely higher because you are trying to teach someone who is attempting to transition from a employee mentality and skill set to an business owner mentality and skill set. That alone will contribute to your attrition rate in which you will continue to spend more money for marketing for more leads.

“You want to play the get rich quick game? If so stay away from mlm and network marketing opportunities and I’ll tell you why!”

Besides expecting a newbie to mlm and network marketing to be a master marketer and have the patience, time and money to succeed in this game from the start is not realistic at all! Everyone has a different idea when it comes to working from home to get rich and it does not involve attraction marketing. Not everyone is a damn social butterfly! and you can’t base your future of this false hope that some sort of training from you and your upline will change that. You cannot get rich when your success depends on someone who is extremely inexperienced in the game of working hard at making money the odds are against you…Period

Lets address the money aspect of it because most people ignore this totally and you can’t if you want to get rich. I eventually learned this while pursuing my major in business. To succeed in the business world you need a plan for marketing, finance, management and much more. In the game of mlm and network marketing it’s more about trying to earn while you learn and most people simply can’t afford that luxury. Now a days people tell you that it takes money to make money and to a degree that is true and not true. For example as an affiliate marketer it cost nothing to join an affiliate program but it will cost money to market the programs products.

We all know it cost money to join an mlm and network marketing opportunity and yet you have to pay to market it and even worst your have to pay for special training. What this eventually turns into is a money funnel and the people at the top makes the most almost like the government. There is simply not an equal opportunity get rich quick program in the mlm and network marketing arena and don’t be fooled with all the persuasive writing and talking.

About the author: Eric Daniels

Eric Daniels is a direct marketing specialists, private lender and Real Estate Investor who loves social media and helping people. He is the founder of www.startprivatelending.com which provides free training to become a private lender on his team in which most private lenders only need $25 to start investing

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